NEC Univerge® SV8300 Communications System

Future-Proof Your Enterprise

With the choice of form factor that suits customer needs Connect USA has special applications to meet all enterprise business needs. For example, in a call center environment, we can direct incoming calls to the correct call center contact based on the number called. In addition, the caller may be directed to a client’s personal representative who can have an automatic computer screen pop up with this client’s profile and preferences. When all agents in a call center are busy, calls go into a queue.

The caller may then be offered the option to be automatically called back without losing theirplace in queue. Prior to returning the callback, the agent will receive an automatic notification as to whom they are calling. The callback application leaves a flag in the queue corresponding to the caller and after recording the callback message that the agent will hear, releases the incoming trunk and the IVR port. This stops the charges on the incoming 800 number and frees the line for another caller, while allowing the queued caller to take care of other business until he or she is called back.

Communicating from one location to another within your enterprise is done via networking the systems using standard Public Switching Telephone Network (PSTN) facilities or via a customer provided Wide Area Network (WAN). This is one of the core capabilities of Connect USA, which gives users large-scale functionality and flexibility within the enterprise.

Fusion Call Control Signaling (FCCS), which provides a “Fusion Link,” between each node in the network, allows every system to communicate directly with all other systems within the network. The IP protocol utilized in the Fusion network allows the customer to experience the enhanced feature transparency provided by this networking protocol.

This transparency is possible because as network information is added or deleted all FCCS nodes correlate these changes into their own databases. In this manner, all nodes are aware of network changes that are made and because this network information resides locally within every node of the network, call processing/handling and feature interaction/integration is enhanced.

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